Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas here!! It was such a blessing and relief to have the surgery paid for. People have been so generous!! We have booked tickets for us to leave from Boston. This journey will be pricey, but we are excited!! We are trying to get the thank you notes taken care of. Each person that donated to our journey means the world to us!! We want to personally thank everyone!! If you haven't gotten a thank you note yet, please know it is coming!! We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!!
We hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas too. We are excited for 2010 and the adventures it will bring!! We can't wrap our minds around what God has in store for us.
An excellent article ran last weekend in the Bangor daily news, another great article in our local paper here on Wednesday and we made the evening news on Christmas eve.

Attached is the website to check out the Christmas eve news story!!

Happy 2010 to all of you!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

anonymous donor!!

We have finalized things!! As of the end of the day tomorrow Bobbi's ear surgeries should be paid for! A couple have come forward and are paying for her surgeries! Christmas Miracle in Mars Hill!! They are amazing people and I pray God blesses them beyond belief for this donation! A donation that will change her life!! We praise God for His timing.
An appointment has been made for april and september to do both ears in 2010!!

The deal is even better than this... but we want to keep some details on the down low until it runs in the BDN!! also look for us on wagm tv 8 on Christmas eve!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God For The Bangor Daily News

Bobbi's story ran in the Bangor Daily Newspaper Wednesday! Thursday we got about 550 dollars in donations in the mail, today we got about 620 dollars in the mail. Mostly from people we haven't met or probablly never will. Some older people, some kids, some families but all with huge hearts!! Thank you so much. If you haven't read the article it can be found at Well done, thanks Jen!!
Again To God be the Glory! Tonight as were at a Christmas Party for Jesus Bobbi looked at the girl next to her with some very pretty earrings and said "I gotta get some of them" I chuckled out loud, it was precious!

As we enter this Christmas season we are so thankful for all we have. I would guess that Bobbi's build an ear has about ten thousand dollars- wow!!

Thanks again and spread the word!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Watch our fundraiser on the news!

My favorite news clip so far!!

View this clip on our most recent fundraiser!!

More youtube, the hackers!!

To view the story on wagm about the hackers please check out...

Thank you for your support!

Our first fundraiser was a huge success!

Our first fundraiser was a huge success! We raised over $5,000 on Sunday. Over 100 families had their pictures taken. They all left with CDS of pictures. The photographers did a great job!! They were energetic and got the job done. They worked hard! The volunteers were also amazing. They kept right up and did a great job! Everyone appeared to have a great time and the pictures came out great!
We want to thank everyone for the part they played. Thank you to the school for allowing us such a great spot for the event. The volunteers, the photographers, those that brought in items for the auction, our families, friends, church members and coworkers! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends. Thanks to those that helped decorate, those that cleaned up and those that just gave me the pat on the back when needed. It was a great day!

We are hoping to do it again in the spring!! Thank you all for the support and encouragement!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

97 slots filled

with a goal of 25 photo sessions when we started this... we are now at 97!! 97 families getting their photos taken to support Bobbi!!! Can you believe it! The excitement is running high and we can't wait!!

"Some day I wear butterfly earrings"

This morning while getting the girls ready for the day Bobbi came to me and said
"Some day I wear butterfuly earrings" I said yup Bobbi, someday!!

So that just confirmed another reason why this little girl needs ears!! Thank you all for your support!

Friday Fraud

So...I got an email asking to verify my new hotmail account. I thought ok... I haven't had an email address in forever, so this looks legit. I entered my info.
This was on my account.
I found out a few hours later my email had been hacked, my passwords changed and an email requesting money be wired "to me" to get me out of London, I had lost my wallet.
Needless to say with a rather large fundraiser going on I am not in London!!

I tried to email people to tell them only to find out my password on both hotmail accounts were changed. I then wanted to update my status to reflect my incident- nope, couldn't my password there had also been changed!!! Gone, all of the connections that had been made!! All of the things that said to make donations or to get answers to your questions email GONE!!!

I was hurt, upset, mad and at times even laughing!! Finally I thought this will not get me. I will win through this situation!! And I did. I called WAGM to tell them what had happened. They were actuall aware of it because several of them were in my email address book and recieved the email asking for money to be wired to London!

Long story short... I am off to the television studio right now for an interview. I am going to be the Friday Fraud Story- local charity scammed!! how did this happen. I am not someone new to the internet? How did I give out that information? I just feared loosing the bbae account and they GOT ME!!

So look for me Friday on the news. More air time for Bobbi just in time for our fundraiser!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Medical Monday

Check on Bobbi on the evening news!!

Thanksgiving 2009

As Thanksgiving has come and gone we have so much to be thankful for. The photo sessions are filling up and things are coming together nicely. The medical Monday went very well, it aired this week. It has certainly sparked a lot of interest. Bobbi's photo sessions are also advertised on six or seven radio stations!
We are reflecting on "what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving" and wonderful friends and family immediately come to mind. The people that God has led into our lives for all of the right reasons is evident everyday. We are thankful for all of the people that have embrassed this child as we have. We are so thankful for you.
At this time we have raised about 1,000 dollars, pretty impressive considering a month ago this was all just a dream.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and please know we are blessed to have you along side us on this journey!! God Bless you!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Medpor?

MEDPOR® Ear Reconstruction
First introduced in 1991 by Dr. John Reinisch, MEDPOR ear reconstruction is a surgical technique that uses a synthetic framework and the body's own tissue to create an ear. Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Sheryl Lewin are leaders in this ear reconstruction technique.

Reconstruction with the MEDPOR technique usually can begin around age three. If only one ear is involved, the MEDPOR framework is customized to match the normal ear, but is created slightly larger in younger children so the ear will be adult-sized. The framework is then covered by the patient's own tissue (called a flap) which is brought down as a thin "living membrane" from underneath the scalp. In most cases, a second surgery may be required to refine the reconstructed ear.

Recently, Cedars-Sinai's pediatric reconstructive surgeons, John Reinisch, MD and Sheryl Lewin, MD have further developed the MEDPOR technique to significantly decrease scarring and achieve better results, including less chance of permanent hair loss. This approach enables them to harvest the "living membrane" flap without any incisions on the scalp, hiding the scar behind the new ear. The flap is often covered with better colored skin from the head, which usually leaves no scar.

Recently introduced into their practice is a combined one-stage reconstruction for both microtia and atresia using MEDPOR. This advance offers a child with bilateral microtia/atresia to have completely functional and aesthetic reconstruction of both ears in three outpatient surgeries before the age of four.

Advantages of MEDPOR Ear Reconstruction
MEDPOR ear reconstruction offers distinct advantages over other techniques. These include:

•Reconstruction may start as early as age three with consistent results.
•Patients with hearing loss due to atresia (absence of an ear canal) may undergo canal reconstruction as early as three years of age
•Minimal pain associated with the reconstruction enabling most patients to go home after the procedure
•Reconstruction may be completed in one or two outpatient surgeries
•A low hairline or hemifacial microsomia does not compromise the result of the ear reconstruction
•The reconstructed ear is designed to match the normal ear in size and projection, which eliminates the need to surgically "pin back" the normal ear. At age three, a child's ear is approximately 80 to 85 percent of an adult sized ear so the MEDPOR ear is constructed 15 to 20 percent bigger so they'll match when the child is older
•Recent advances in the technique developed by Drs. Reinisch and Lewin have significantly decreased the amount of scarring from the procedure
•Six to eight weeks after surgery, MEDPOR ears are able to withstand the rigors of most sports. Protective helmets are recommended for contact sports such as wrestling or football.

Disadvantages of MEDPOR Ear Reconstruction
The disadvantages of MEDPOR ear reconstruction technique are:

•The MEDPOR framework is a foreign material. The material is made of porous polyethylene which has been used in many parts of the body for decades
•Few people in the world have been trained in this surgery and an inexperienced microtia surgeon may have poor results
•Since MEDPOR ear reconstruction began in 1991, the outcome of the implant over a lifetime is not known

Meet the surgeon we have fallen in love with!!

Joseph Roberson, M.D.
Otology, Neurotology, Skull Base Surgery
CEO & Managing Partner - California Ear Institute
President - Let Them Hear Foundation

Joseph Roberson, M.D. CEO, Managing Partner Joseph Roberson, M.D. serves as CEO and Managing Partner at the California Ear Institute, where he oversees all business, clinical and surgical daily operations at several Northern California locations. Roberson serves as faculty member and is the former Chief of Otology-Neurotology-Skull Base surgery at Stanford University where he worked before launching LTHF. He serves as a consultant for several industry leaders, including Acclarent, Medtronic, Advanced Bionics Corporation and Cochlear Corporation. He maintains an active clinical and surgical practice, and functions as the Fellowship Director of CEI, a program responsible for training surgeons in Otology-Neurotology-Skull Base surgery.

Currently, Roberson also serves as Founder and President for The Let Them Hear Foundation, a medical organization passionate about bringing the gift of hearing to those living in silence in the U.S. and around the world. As LTHF Founder and President, Roberson leads all daily operations and strategic planning efforts for the Foundation. His responsibilities as President include traveling to train surgeons and found cochlear implant programs overseas, program development and administration.

A widely published and featured speaker, Roberson has appeared on multiple national television programs.

Day to day!

Seriously if I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't remember what is going on.
First of all the interview went very well. It will air as the medial monday on the news this MONDAY!!
I have recieved a donation towards the BBAE from Columbia Forest Products! 50/50 candy canes (tickets) have gone on sale there look for Auntie aka Shelley Wortman, she is selling them like mad.
We also made contact with 97.7 today, through the PINH. They have done an amazing commerical for Bobbi, it will air starting Monday. It is good stuff. Thank you Pete. It is about her upcoming photo day!!
Photo day is booked- the photographers have extended their hours and they are filling up. Hoping to finish booking people soon! Laura is away this weekend and she is missed!
Finally Pastor Jewell from Caribou, not sure even what church he is from called me. He got Bobbi's info from a friend at TAMC, person unknown. Each month he takes on a fundraiser in the form of a concert. He called to see if January's concert could be for Bobbi- of course!! He takes care of it. He finds the singer, the location and advertises it on am 600 where he does a daily show! God is good, people are coming out of the woodwork to help us!

When asked by WAGM today... do you think you can do it, nope I don't but I know God can!! I believe this will come to pass. Thank you all for your support.

Oh wait, Tshirts went on sale today too. With the help of Cushman's BBAE shirts have hit the market! They are adorable. Thanks to everyone (especially the designers at LBD) that helped put these together!! I am blessed to have such great supports!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


We are meeting with WAGM tomorrow! They are doing a medical Monday on Bobbi. How great! We received our first donation yesterday, 500 dollars! Praise the Lord!! Wow! You can't out give God. Our Tshirts will also be ready tomorrow, can't wait to see them. Thanks Cushman's.

So once again God is opening doors we didn't even know where there. We have filled about 50 appointments with only about 12 left! Wow, who would have ever thought!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It hit home today!

Tonight while watching tv (her favorite thing to do) Bobbi turned to me and said "my ears not long, you ears long, why my ears not long?" I was speechless, this was the first time Bobbi had mentioned it. She said "why my ears not long?" What? Where did that come from? Needless to say, I was speechless. She then went back to watching tv, her questions unanswered. Augh!! This road may be longer than I accepted, I may not be ready for this after all.

Latest Happenings!

We offically opened the Bobbi Build An Ear Bank Account today.
Even more exciting we opened it with $12, our first donation. It came
from an elderly lady at our church, she won it in Bingo at the nursing home.
How sweet is that, she was the one to kick it off!! Three cheers for her!
We were pretty excited. My dad is the gate keeper to the account, he is pretty pumped up having a purpose in this whole endevor also. We are thankful that he
will be managing this for us. For those of you who know me you know that this is not a responsiblity I would be great at, so three cheers for Papa!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letter to donors...

Bobbi’s Build An Ear
77 Tompkins Rd
Presque Isle Maine 04769
C/O Robert Jackson

Dear Donor,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my 3 year old daughter Bobbi Jo. Bobbi was born with bilaterial microtia with atresia, in essence she was born without ears. This was a condition we were not aware of until she was born, it is not detected on ultrasounds. As reported to us by the doctors she was the first baby they had seen born with this condition. As we were handed our baby we were told that she would not hear or talk, news that devasted us. She has proven them wrong time and time again.
Bobbi was fitted with a bone anchored hearing aid at 3 months allowing her to hear. With routine speech and audilogical appointments Bobbi has developed without delays! She is happy, energetic and loves to sing and dance. As she gets older her hearing aid is holding her back, there are many activities she can not do with this hearing aid. As she gets older it is also noticed more by her friends. She is unable to do things that other children do, such as wear sunglasses, listen to headphones and get her ears pierced. She can not wear her hearing aid outside or when she is swimming as it is not waterproof. Based on xrays and CT scans we know that Bobbi’s inner ear is intact, meaning we just need to get the sound to the inner ear.
We have recently found a surgeon in California, through the California ear institute that could make Bobbi an ear, ear canal and ear drum in one surgery. This surgery would have to take place twice, because both of her ears are affected. Upon completion of this surgery Bobbi could hear about eighty percent, meaning she could live life unaided. Without this surgery the list of other options are invasive and much more complicated included permantely implanting an hearing aids into her skull. She would continue to have limitations. We have chosen this procedure as the most effective and appropriate surgery for Bobbi.
Unfortunetly this surgery comes with a price tag of $45,000 per ear, plus travel expenses. We have begun fundraising to assist with the cost associated with this surgery. We would need to spend three weeks per ear in California. This would give her ear time to heal, so she could fly home. This surgery can be done immediately, opposed to other surgeries requiring her to be much older. Our goal is for Bobbi to have ears before she is in school full time.
We are seeking your assistance with this endevor. We are asking you to embrace this little girl, which so many in the county have done. They have stepped aside us as we have taken on this challenge. We believe that we have met these surgeons for a reason, our little girl needs ears. If you are willing to assist with these efforts financial, donations may be mailed to the above address. I would love to meet with you and share our desires and plans with your organization. If this is something that your organziation is interested in please email me at .
Thank you for your support.
Jamie Guerrette

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Contact Us!

People have asked how to contact Bobbi's build an ear. with questions or to schedule a photo session.

Donations may be sent to
Bobbi's build an ear
77 Tompkins Rd
Presque Isle Me 04769
c/o Robert Jackson

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Microtia Poem, one of my favorites

Microtia Poem

I'm Special:
On my way from Heaven,
God Delayed my trip that day.
He said that I was special,
and then sent me on my way.
But not before He kissed me,
Right upon my ear.
He left his blessed mark
to carry with me here.
He whispered in my ear right then,
that He loved me without a doubt,
and then He closed my ear up tight,
so the whisper won't get out.
He told me both my legs were strong
and would help me stand up tall.
He told me both my arms would work
to catch me if I fall.
My eyes would catch my memories
to store within the pages of my mind,
My heart would fill with all the things I would love,
so many things, i would find.
He told me I could fall asleep
to my Daddy's bedtime tales,
and listen while my mother sings
of seas and boats and sails.
For when I'm feeling sad, he said,
my other ear would hear,
His whispered words of eternal love,
left waiting for me there.
I'm special!!!!

Bobbi has bilaterial microtia, meaning neither of her ears open.
But how sweet is it!

Bobbi's Build An Ear

Things are happening so quickly, we needed a way to keep people updated and wanted to share our journey with family and friends. Our first post is Bobbi's story, how God got us where we are and where we are headed now.

Please join us on the amazing journey. Things happen everyday and it is so hard to keep track of it all. At this time we are working towards our first fundraiser... Dec 6 at Central Aroostook High school, see attached flyer.

Bobbi's story

Bobbi’s Build An Ear
By: Jamie Guerrette, Bobbi’s mother

What started as a simple prayer by a 5 year old has resulted in a series of amazing events only God could have known about. “Dear God please make it so Bobbi doesn’t need her hearing aid anymore” her sister prayed one night. We all chuckled as she prayed, we realized how impossible this was or so we thought.
Bobbi Jo, now age 3 was born with bilaterial microtia with atresia, meaning she has no ears and the little ear she does have doesn’t open. At birth we were told that Bobbi would not hear or talk. What a blow of disbelief this was to our family.
How could this be? Bilaterial microtia with atresia is not detected on ultra sounds so were not aware of this condition until she was born. After medical examinations it was determined she was otherwise healthy. Tests were done on her kidneys, as ears and kidneys develop at the same time prenatally. We were discharged with the directions to google it. An appointment was for Boston and we were off.
By 3 months old Bobbi had been fitted with her first hearing aid. A Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) on a softband. Since her ears do not open she was not able to be fitted with traditional hearing aids. As our life became inadated with specialists, most of which came to our home we were quickly learning about deaf culture and our optitions. The providers involved with Bobbi were very helpful. They researched and learning along side us. As time progressed Bobbi met all of her developmental milestones. Bobbi has participated in years of speech and audilogical services that have allowed her to speak and sing along with peers. She is very animated and happy. She enjoys singing, dancing and watching cartoons.
Until recently we felt their were no immediate optitions for her. Until the night her older sister prayed for her and door began to open. Thanks to God’s leading we have found doors and opportunities we didn’t even know were there.
After researching optitions on the internet we found a surgeon in California that was the answer to her sister’s prayers. We found the surgeon on line. We then found out he does a yearly microtia/atresia conference. Last year it was in Korea and next year it is in India. I found out I had ten days to make it to this years conference in Texas, I had to go! I had to meet these surgeons and praise God He made it happen.
While in Texas we learned of her optitions. One optition was to do nothing and hope she doesn’t mind using her hair to cover her ears. This would also mean she would need a bone anchored hearing aid surgically implanted in her skull.
Our second optition is a magnetic ear. These ears do not tan and are difficult to match to her natural skin. All I could think of was how tramatic it would be for her to take her winter hat off at school and loose an ear.
Previously we felt our third optition was our only optition. This options consists of a series of surgeries icnluding skin harvesting and skin grafts. It was a series of invasive surgeries taking cartliage from her ribs to form an ear. As told by the surgeons some of the ears they construct “are a’s and some are f’s”. She couldn’t have this done until she was 8-10 years old and it would take years of surgeries out of state.
Our newest options was CAM, a procedure where two surgeons work together to make an ear, ear canal and an ear drum. CT scans have determined that Bobbi’s inner ear is intact. Bobbi could have this procedure done immediately. Our goal for her after learning of this procedure is for her to have ears before she is in school full time. We immediately knew this was what she needed. One surgery per ear, one time under anastecia and she’d have everything she needed. Four months later the other ear can be done. We met kids that had the surgery and their ears were amazing. Upon completion of these surgeries Bobbi would hear about 80%, this would allow her to live life unaided. If a hearing was needed she would be fitted with a traditional hearing aid. This surgery would allow her to wear sunglasses, headphones and even get her ears pierced. All things that are important to a little girl.
Unfortuntely as quickly as we fell in love with this optition we found out the cost at $45,000 per ear plus travel expenses we were devasted. Upon returning to the county we shared this news with our family. Quickly friends, family, coworkers and our community embraced this little girl. God has showed us time and again that He will provide. We believe He did not lead us there to be turned away. God has confirmed these plans day after day. A few of the same ways He has showed us He will provide include our new computer. We needed a computer to contact doctors and other providers. Three days later we received a free computer from a man that heard our story. We’ve met people that have encouraged us and given us ideas we never would have thought of. People state wide have been praying for Bobbi and her medical needs state wide through a local radio station, what a blessing this has been.
Bobbi’s Build An Ear fund is up and running. Donations may be made to Bobbi’s Build An Ear at 77 Tompkins Rd Presque Isle Maine 04769. Fundraisers are underway and include a Family Photo Day at Central Aroostook High School, scheduled for Sunday Dec 6, 2009. Stay tuned for details regarding other upcoming events including a
Zumba-thon scheduled for January, a Children’s Cookie Bake sponsored by Pampered Chef and Motorcyle Rally. All monies raised will be used to cover medical expenses and travel associated with her surgeries which will take place in California.
As we reflect on this journey we realize the faith of her sister has lead to these new endevors. Praise God for the faith of a little child.