Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friday Fraud

So...I got an email asking to verify my new hotmail account. I thought ok... I haven't had an email address in forever, so this looks legit. I entered my info.
This was on my account.
I found out a few hours later my email had been hacked, my passwords changed and an email requesting money be wired "to me" to get me out of London, I had lost my wallet.
Needless to say with a rather large fundraiser going on I am not in London!!

I tried to email people to tell them only to find out my password on both hotmail accounts were changed. I then wanted to update my status to reflect my incident- nope, couldn't my password there had also been changed!!! Gone, all of the connections that had been made!! All of the things that said to make donations or to get answers to your questions email GONE!!!

I was hurt, upset, mad and at times even laughing!! Finally I thought this will not get me. I will win through this situation!! And I did. I called WAGM to tell them what had happened. They were actuall aware of it because several of them were in my email address book and recieved the email asking for money to be wired to London!

Long story short... I am off to the television studio right now for an interview. I am going to be the Friday Fraud Story- local charity scammed!! how did this happen. I am not someone new to the internet? How did I give out that information? I just feared loosing the bbae account and they GOT ME!!

So look for me Friday on the news. More air time for Bobbi just in time for our fundraiser!!

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