Friday, November 20, 2009

Day to day!

Seriously if I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't remember what is going on.
First of all the interview went very well. It will air as the medial monday on the news this MONDAY!!
I have recieved a donation towards the BBAE from Columbia Forest Products! 50/50 candy canes (tickets) have gone on sale there look for Auntie aka Shelley Wortman, she is selling them like mad.
We also made contact with 97.7 today, through the PINH. They have done an amazing commerical for Bobbi, it will air starting Monday. It is good stuff. Thank you Pete. It is about her upcoming photo day!!
Photo day is booked- the photographers have extended their hours and they are filling up. Hoping to finish booking people soon! Laura is away this weekend and she is missed!
Finally Pastor Jewell from Caribou, not sure even what church he is from called me. He got Bobbi's info from a friend at TAMC, person unknown. Each month he takes on a fundraiser in the form of a concert. He called to see if January's concert could be for Bobbi- of course!! He takes care of it. He finds the singer, the location and advertises it on am 600 where he does a daily show! God is good, people are coming out of the woodwork to help us!

When asked by WAGM today... do you think you can do it, nope I don't but I know God can!! I believe this will come to pass. Thank you all for your support.

Oh wait, Tshirts went on sale today too. With the help of Cushman's BBAE shirts have hit the market! They are adorable. Thanks to everyone (especially the designers at LBD) that helped put these together!! I am blessed to have such great supports!!

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