Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas here!! It was such a blessing and relief to have the surgery paid for. People have been so generous!! We have booked tickets for us to leave from Boston. This journey will be pricey, but we are excited!! We are trying to get the thank you notes taken care of. Each person that donated to our journey means the world to us!! We want to personally thank everyone!! If you haven't gotten a thank you note yet, please know it is coming!! We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!!
We hope that you all have had a wonderful Christmas too. We are excited for 2010 and the adventures it will bring!! We can't wrap our minds around what God has in store for us.
An excellent article ran last weekend in the Bangor daily news, another great article in our local paper here on Wednesday and we made the evening news on Christmas eve.

Attached is the website to check out the Christmas eve news story!!

Happy 2010 to all of you!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

anonymous donor!!

We have finalized things!! As of the end of the day tomorrow Bobbi's ear surgeries should be paid for! A couple have come forward and are paying for her surgeries! Christmas Miracle in Mars Hill!! They are amazing people and I pray God blesses them beyond belief for this donation! A donation that will change her life!! We praise God for His timing.
An appointment has been made for april and september to do both ears in 2010!!

The deal is even better than this... but we want to keep some details on the down low until it runs in the BDN!! also look for us on wagm tv 8 on Christmas eve!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God For The Bangor Daily News

Bobbi's story ran in the Bangor Daily Newspaper Wednesday! Thursday we got about 550 dollars in donations in the mail, today we got about 620 dollars in the mail. Mostly from people we haven't met or probablly never will. Some older people, some kids, some families but all with huge hearts!! Thank you so much. If you haven't read the article it can be found at Well done, thanks Jen!!
Again To God be the Glory! Tonight as were at a Christmas Party for Jesus Bobbi looked at the girl next to her with some very pretty earrings and said "I gotta get some of them" I chuckled out loud, it was precious!

As we enter this Christmas season we are so thankful for all we have. I would guess that Bobbi's build an ear has about ten thousand dollars- wow!!

Thanks again and spread the word!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Watch our fundraiser on the news!

My favorite news clip so far!!

View this clip on our most recent fundraiser!!

More youtube, the hackers!!

To view the story on wagm about the hackers please check out...

Thank you for your support!

Our first fundraiser was a huge success!

Our first fundraiser was a huge success! We raised over $5,000 on Sunday. Over 100 families had their pictures taken. They all left with CDS of pictures. The photographers did a great job!! They were energetic and got the job done. They worked hard! The volunteers were also amazing. They kept right up and did a great job! Everyone appeared to have a great time and the pictures came out great!
We want to thank everyone for the part they played. Thank you to the school for allowing us such a great spot for the event. The volunteers, the photographers, those that brought in items for the auction, our families, friends, church members and coworkers! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends. Thanks to those that helped decorate, those that cleaned up and those that just gave me the pat on the back when needed. It was a great day!

We are hoping to do it again in the spring!! Thank you all for the support and encouragement!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

97 slots filled

with a goal of 25 photo sessions when we started this... we are now at 97!! 97 families getting their photos taken to support Bobbi!!! Can you believe it! The excitement is running high and we can't wait!!

"Some day I wear butterfly earrings"

This morning while getting the girls ready for the day Bobbi came to me and said
"Some day I wear butterfuly earrings" I said yup Bobbi, someday!!

So that just confirmed another reason why this little girl needs ears!! Thank you all for your support!

Friday Fraud

So...I got an email asking to verify my new hotmail account. I thought ok... I haven't had an email address in forever, so this looks legit. I entered my info.
This was on my account.
I found out a few hours later my email had been hacked, my passwords changed and an email requesting money be wired "to me" to get me out of London, I had lost my wallet.
Needless to say with a rather large fundraiser going on I am not in London!!

I tried to email people to tell them only to find out my password on both hotmail accounts were changed. I then wanted to update my status to reflect my incident- nope, couldn't my password there had also been changed!!! Gone, all of the connections that had been made!! All of the things that said to make donations or to get answers to your questions email GONE!!!

I was hurt, upset, mad and at times even laughing!! Finally I thought this will not get me. I will win through this situation!! And I did. I called WAGM to tell them what had happened. They were actuall aware of it because several of them were in my email address book and recieved the email asking for money to be wired to London!

Long story short... I am off to the television studio right now for an interview. I am going to be the Friday Fraud Story- local charity scammed!! how did this happen. I am not someone new to the internet? How did I give out that information? I just feared loosing the bbae account and they GOT ME!!

So look for me Friday on the news. More air time for Bobbi just in time for our fundraiser!!