Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God For The Bangor Daily News

Bobbi's story ran in the Bangor Daily Newspaper Wednesday! Thursday we got about 550 dollars in donations in the mail, today we got about 620 dollars in the mail. Mostly from people we haven't met or probablly never will. Some older people, some kids, some families but all with huge hearts!! Thank you so much. If you haven't read the article it can be found at Well done, thanks Jen!!
Again To God be the Glory! Tonight as were at a Christmas Party for Jesus Bobbi looked at the girl next to her with some very pretty earrings and said "I gotta get some of them" I chuckled out loud, it was precious!

As we enter this Christmas season we are so thankful for all we have. I would guess that Bobbi's build an ear has about ten thousand dollars- wow!!

Thanks again and spread the word!

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