Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Some day I wear butterfly earrings"

This morning while getting the girls ready for the day Bobbi came to me and said
"Some day I wear butterfuly earrings" I said yup Bobbi, someday!!

So that just confirmed another reason why this little girl needs ears!! Thank you all for your support!

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  1. Your story touches my heart. My first child was born 12 years ago with atresia/microtia of his left ear. We had NO idea that this could even happen to someone. After a LOT of research - we found Dr.Brent in Woodside Calif, and I started the Trevor Smith Foundation in NJ. We raised over 60K in donations and were able to get Trevor his 4 surgeries in CA. We then proceeded to help out 2 other families in our area with the same condition. Trevor is a very well adjusted 6th graders, and even though his new ear still looks a little different than his other - he LOVES it!!! God bless you on your journey - your Bobbi is going to be just fine:)