Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letter to donors...

Bobbi’s Build An Ear
77 Tompkins Rd
Presque Isle Maine 04769
C/O Robert Jackson

Dear Donor,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my 3 year old daughter Bobbi Jo. Bobbi was born with bilaterial microtia with atresia, in essence she was born without ears. This was a condition we were not aware of until she was born, it is not detected on ultrasounds. As reported to us by the doctors she was the first baby they had seen born with this condition. As we were handed our baby we were told that she would not hear or talk, news that devasted us. She has proven them wrong time and time again.
Bobbi was fitted with a bone anchored hearing aid at 3 months allowing her to hear. With routine speech and audilogical appointments Bobbi has developed without delays! She is happy, energetic and loves to sing and dance. As she gets older her hearing aid is holding her back, there are many activities she can not do with this hearing aid. As she gets older it is also noticed more by her friends. She is unable to do things that other children do, such as wear sunglasses, listen to headphones and get her ears pierced. She can not wear her hearing aid outside or when she is swimming as it is not waterproof. Based on xrays and CT scans we know that Bobbi’s inner ear is intact, meaning we just need to get the sound to the inner ear.
We have recently found a surgeon in California, through the California ear institute that could make Bobbi an ear, ear canal and ear drum in one surgery. This surgery would have to take place twice, because both of her ears are affected. Upon completion of this surgery Bobbi could hear about eighty percent, meaning she could live life unaided. Without this surgery the list of other options are invasive and much more complicated included permantely implanting an hearing aids into her skull. She would continue to have limitations. We have chosen this procedure as the most effective and appropriate surgery for Bobbi.
Unfortunetly this surgery comes with a price tag of $45,000 per ear, plus travel expenses. We have begun fundraising to assist with the cost associated with this surgery. We would need to spend three weeks per ear in California. This would give her ear time to heal, so she could fly home. This surgery can be done immediately, opposed to other surgeries requiring her to be much older. Our goal is for Bobbi to have ears before she is in school full time.
We are seeking your assistance with this endevor. We are asking you to embrace this little girl, which so many in the county have done. They have stepped aside us as we have taken on this challenge. We believe that we have met these surgeons for a reason, our little girl needs ears. If you are willing to assist with these efforts financial, donations may be mailed to the above address. I would love to meet with you and share our desires and plans with your organization. If this is something that your organziation is interested in please email me at .
Thank you for your support.
Jamie Guerrette

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